Getting H4 stamped in 1 month of H1B expiration date


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Hi Friends,

I have a question. My H1B VISA expires on Sept 30, and I need to file for an extention. I am getting married in early August, is it safe for my wife to go for stamping immediatly after wedding or do we need to wait till my H1 is expired and once I get my extention approved then go for her H4 stamping ? Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Hi, mine is the exact same case as urs. I got married on 19th of Feb. And my visa expires on 27th of April. My wife attended her H4 interview on the 22nd of March 2012 and she got a pink slip. No idea if it is because of the short duration. But if it is going to take 8-12 weeks as the slip says, my petition is going to expire and she wont be getting her visa. I was plannin on making my wife come here as soon as possible and apply for her extension. But looks like that is not going to happen. And waiting for my extension to get approved is going to take atleast another 3-4 months. So I would suggest that u wait for ur extension before sending ur wife for stamping.

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