OPT->New H1B visa(2012) with 3 month Contract PO urgent


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Hello all,

I am on F1- OPT and I have to file for new H1-B in April this year.

I just joined a contracting job through my employer and my employer is about to file my new H1.

The model is Me->Employer->Vendor->Client.

The contract on PO is now for 3 months and my employer says that it will be extended every 3 months according to company policy and it will be longterm.

My Question is when my employer files for my H1-B,Will I get my H1 approved for 3 years or it depends on the term on PO.

The client which i work for is a big client and employer says he will attach SOW,PO and all stuff like that.

Could you please help me what will happen when my employer files for H1 with 3 month contract PO and SOW?

Will I get a 3 year H1-B in the current situation?



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