Completed 6 years on H1-B by 30th Sept 2011. My compnay filed L-1, Can I go for stamping?


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I returned to India on 29th September 2011 after completing my 6 years period. In Dec 2011, my compnay filed for L-1 and given me the papers for stamping. During my H1-B period, I was in India for 14 months (2009 - 2010).

My questions are

1. I am planning travel only after Sept 2012 to US. For that, Can I go for stamping now on L1?

2. If I wait till Sept 2012 for stamping, Do I have any problems with old L-1 Petition(filied in dec 2011)?

3. If I go for stamping and got visa now, What will be the my visa probable validity duration(normal duarion or H1-B missed period)?

4. What will be best scenario for my case?

Any answers for above questions greatly appreciated.



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