Job Title in LCA and I129!!!


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My Employer had put Programmer/ Analyst as my Job title in the Dept of Labour document. and its been approved . I have MBA and Electrical & Computer Engineering degrees.

I joined the company as a position of the Business Analyst. Since the labour document has programmer/ analyst , should my i129 also have programmer/ analyst or can i have the title as the Business Analyst and attach the job duties .

Or can some one suggest me.

Thankyou in advance

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Generally, the job title should be consistent on all documents that are included with the H1B filing, including the LCA and Form I-129. If the positions are also different (i.e. different job duties and different hiring requirements), then a new LCA will need to be filed and certified for the actual position being offered. Please schedule a consultation with a qualified immigration attorney to dsicuss the specific facts relating to your case and to determine whether a new LCA is required in your case.

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