***H1B and Telecommuting (work from home) *******


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I am on H-1B and planning to ask for telecommuting option with my company.

I have read numerous information posted all over immigration forums, DOL, us immigration website, regarding the rules/regulation governing the H1-B worker at its direct association to the physical job location (and Labor/LCA), but still are not conclusive.

But with telecommuting becoming more and more common;

1 ) is it at all possible to work as a telecommuter with H-1 B (condition like office location on is in State A [same office location in Labor] and telecommuter home location is State B)

2) wondering how does original DOL/US immgration rules (rule like employee actually is suppose to have a office space/work station at office location specified in Labor/LCA etc) holds for H1-B worker who is telecommuting (basically working for home, after given up office space/work station), with possiblity of home in totally different location (like a home in different state altogether)

Someone may have been in same suituation and hope they can share thier experience and possible options, with steps taken, acceptable by DOL/USCIS.

Thanks in advance.

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