H1B petition filing question


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I am in H1B visa status, i joined as a fultime in xxx company and submitted all my documents, got offer letter and start working with the company., after 2 months they send my application to USCIS, which i am not aware of that,

when i ask my salary i was told by them that at the year end they are going to pay bonus.

after 8 months i left the company, when i ask about the pay they told me that they are going to pay.

I contact DOL, and DOL told me that this incident happend beyond 1year they ask me contact attorney, i did not get any help from DOL.

I filed a law suit against the company, now the company attorney is threatened me saying that they are going to refer the testimony to the Department of Homeland Security and to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for further action.

so my questions is

Do i have any problem if i goahead with the law suit, as if i have no idea about my paper work , when i ask about salary then every thing come out. can any body help me.

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