Currently on OPT...Applied for H1B first time with Campany A...Planning to Join company B


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Hello Everybody,

This is Abhishek. Currently I an on OPT which is good till Nov-2012.

I am working with Company A and already applied for H1B for this year 2012.

I am willing to change job to Company B, which is ready to do my H1B.

I do have following questions:

1) Can I apply for new H1B with Company B? (Because H1B approval with company A will start from April-2012 approximately. )

2) Can I cancel current H1B application with company A?

3) Can I transfer H1B from company A to Company B immediately? (If I get H1B from Company A in 2/3 week of April)

4) How does all this process will affect on H1B stamping in India? Is this a NEGATIVE factor to change employer immediately?

Awaiting reply.



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