221g for H4 at Hyderabad consulate


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Pls suggest me

Hi everyone,

I attended H4 interview on march 13 th 2012 at Hyderabad .VO asked me very formal questions.Then he asked for my husband's W2 forms, I had only 2011 w2 with me, since my husband was out of US in 2009 and 2010 due to some personal reasons. My husband did his masters in US and is on H1b since 2004.so VO asked about this, and told me that 2011 w2 shows low income and so he issued me a white form under 221g indicating to submit w2's and federal tax returns for the years 2004- 2011.so plz anyone suggest regarding this.

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@smiley82, was the amount more than 60K or less than 60K on the 2011 W2? I see on the other thread that you have submitted the tax returns on 10 April. Did it take a long time for you to get your husband's tax returns and W2s? I know it had been just 3 business days, but did you hear back from the consulate?

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Hi sameern

My husband's wage according to LCA was more than 60k.he was out of US from 2009 to July 2011.He started working on h1 again from aug 2011.So the income in w2 is from aug 2011 to dec 2011.I think this wat triggered the VO to say that his income is low.Then he asked me to submit allthe w2's from 2004 to till date.My interview was on 13th march , submitted docs at VFS on 26th march.last week I mailed VFS and consulate and got a reply that my case continues to undergo admin processing.

Will 221g white form take a minimum of 2 months to get cleared?


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Based on the feedback on these forums, it seems so. But I read on the forums that contacting a congressman/senator could help expediting the process. Not exactly sure of the procedure but you may want to research a little bit on that. Keep this post updated when you hear from USCIS. Thanks and good luck!

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