GC finally after 8 plus years - EB3 folks don't lose hope


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The crux of this whole posting is that I got my GC approved in Oct 2011 and my wife got hers just a few days ago. Mine was an I-140 EB3 amended to EB2 using an old labor. This is not porting.

I thought I will post our timeline so that people who have been waiting for so long in EB3 don't lose hope.

I came to this country in 1998 and joined another company in 2002. They started the process only in 2003 just before my 5 year completion of H1. It was a race against time. Got Labor (RIR those days) approved in a years’ time. We filed concurrently for I-140(EB3) and I-495 in July 2004. I and my wife were on EAD and AP since then.

Having realized that my original labor was eligible for EB2 but my company attorney only filed for EB3 (back in 2004 not sure why), in September 2010 as per my request my company filed for an I-140 amendment requesting EB2. We didn’t have to file a new labor.

I-140 EB2 got approved in June 2010 and GC got approved in Oct 2011 after almost 8.5 years of wait. My wife didn’t get it yet.

USCIS had to be pricked through my congressman’s office because they were ignoring our company attorney’s requests for my wife’s GC. My wife finally received it last week after 4.5 months after I received it. This happened only because of our Congressman’s intervention.

My advice to everyone in EB3 is; try to explore avenues to see if yours could be upgraded. Otherwise also don't lose hope; some people are lucky they get it in few years and the others like us have to wait like I waited 8.5 to 9 years (in fact 13.5 years after I landed in this country). Good luck EB3 folks.

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