H1B 7th Year Extension - When can be applied


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Hi All,

I am in my 6th year of H1B, which is ending in August, 2012. My employer has filed my PERM in July, 2011, which got into general audit and now in pending status. Not sure when the result will come for that.

As I am eligible under 365 days rule, when can I apply for 7th year of H1B extension? Should 365 days have been passed before the petition could be filed or it can be filed within the last 180 days of my H1B expiration date?

I don't want to be in a situation where my current PERM gets denied and I will have to leave the country. If I get 1 more year of extension well before, I still stand a chance of applying another PERM.

Please advice... Thanks in advance...

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You are sure eligible for extension as PERM pending more than 365 days. So apply for extension as quickly as possible. Also, there are similar topic already posted on the forum. Search the forum, dont wait for a response. None of us who replies in the forum are attorney or immigrant consultant (except when a Murthy Attorney replies) we all learn from reading in the forum and reply back.

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