Can my company reuse the approved LC + i140 from the same company for a new job at same location with similar responsibilities


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Hi Attorney/ senior forum members:

This is my current situation and I would really appreciate any adivce on my situation.

I started working in a independent contributer role for company A from their remote office location X and have PERM and I40 approved with priority date of May 25th 2010.

Later I moved to the corporate office location Y of the same company A and took upon a new role in a managerial path (not an IC role). My employer filed for a new PERM just couple of days ago based on the new location Y and new role.

Lately I realized that I wanted to move back to Independent Contributer role and coincidentally found an opening for the same within the same company at location X and cleared the interview loop etc. The new future job description for the green card purpose with the new team is pretty much matching with the one used for the first PERM filed for location X.

Here are my question:

1. I was told that I could reuse the priority date, but can I reuse the original approved LC and I140?

Note that though the job location, job title and job description (duties and responsibilities) for the new IC role are matching to that to the one used in first PERM, I am definetely not going to the same old team, rather this is a new group at the same remote location as used for the original perm within the same company.

2. In other words do I have to go to the same old team in location X and and continue with the same old job where I left off in oder for me to able to reuse the approved LC and I140 (not just the PD) ?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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