H4 visa stamping :::: During H1b in 221(g) process: Green (additional docs)


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I am in EVVC Model and went for stamping last week. It is my first H1b stamping. (F1 to H1 Transfer) .

I got 221g (green sheet) to submit additional documents and drop in VFS box.I don't think my employer will provide all those required documents to respond to 221g.

I am getting married in 2 weeks.My fiance is on h1b and he as valid visa for 2 more years. so I want to resign my job and go for dependent visa right after my marriage. I want to go to US along with my husband and take care of family.

Q1. Can i apply for h4 visa with out responding to 221g?

Q2. Can I go to same consulate for visa stamping? ( I didn't see any stamp on my passport regarding recent h1b stamping)

Q3. Do i need to resign job and get acceptance letter from my employer before i go for h4 stamping? ( In case VO asked me about my previous h1b status)

Q4. Any other issues or problems in this transfer?

Q5. Any other imp documents along with regular h4 documents?

Please help.

Please provide your valuable suggestions/advices. Thanks in advance.

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