H1b Refused and Planning for New Visa Interview in Chennai


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My H1b is Refused in Nov 2011 from Kolkata. I applied new petitioner from Prime Vendor for the Same Client. My petition is approved. But , in the approved email. they mentioned "Consulate notified (if applicable): HYDERABAD".

I live in Hyderabad and was planning to to attend Visa Stamping in Chennai. Because, I saw many rejections in Hyderabad.

Based on the approved email. Should i need to attend only in Hyderabad?

If anyone has any information regarding this kind of scenario.

Please, share with me.


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I am from Mumbai but since the consulate was close last year I got date in chennai for which i got 221g and after long wait of 6 months got rejection letter. Applied for new petition which got approved but had Consulate name 'Chennai' mentioned on i797. I asked the Lawyer, she said I need not worry about the consulate name there. I appeared for interview in Mumbai. Got 221g there too!!

While I was seated for almost 4 hrs inside I saw almost every other applicant getting 221g. Be it h1, l1 or h4.. And I was again just one of them, with hardly any questions asked I was handed over blue 221g.

Don't want to discourage anybody. Just wear as much as confidence and smartness you can, Talent doesn't work.

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Earlier my case was genuine EVC model. Later I applied as genuine fulltime from the same employer and even working for them remotely. It just doesnt change anything!!

I can work remotely for a US based company but I cannot go to work there. Silly as it sounds!! I wonder why not all these document verifications done while the

petition is approved. Its good anyway you get to work from India and get paid in US, but things that put us in problem is the house, car and other liabilities in the US.

Plus paying the US tax without staying there as well as India tax!!

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These are like checkpoints or passes that one goes thru, USCIS doesn't get to interview the beneficiary where as VO does, so VO is in a good position to uncover something new.

Getting back to your situation - if you applied full-time I am sure the 221g outcome should be positive. BTW what was the reason for you EVC rejection? was it anything to do with you or was it only the petitioner?

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