L2 Visa Processing... Urgent pls


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I am request in regards to my Friends case.

He works for a big Company in India and is working in US at Client Location on L1 Blanket on 5th year.

His current Visa is valid till May 2012 and he went to india for his marriage.

He will be coming back to work by March 1 and returning back by end of his visa.

He wanted to get his wife along for the short period with him.

His company told him they can't process Dependant visa L2 because he do not have more than 6 months period.

Is this 6 month period is set by US?

Is it possible to process L2 Visa by getting HDFC receipt and making appt online for dependent?

If he makes appointment, Would consulate provide Visa for 3 months period?

Appreciate any quick updates.

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