Can I file for new H1B once old H1B 6 yrs. are completed without leaving the country


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I have used 6yrs of H1B in USA and my h1b is expiring in 01/07/2012 and my perm is in Audit which most likely not going to be resolved before the 01/07/2012.

Can I file for new H1B in continuation without having to leave the country or file for new L1 visa. If yes, Do I need to switch the Company to do that? or my current Company can file for Continuation?

Please advise....

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extension depends on the date when your perm is filed. if it was filed before 01/07/2011 then you can get 1 yr extensions with your current employer as perm is still in audit. if perm was filed after 01/07/2011 then you will not have much luck with your current employer. you need to have another employer to file perm and hope that will get approved without audit before 01/07/2012

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