221g in canada


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Please update in this post, if you have got 221g in canada (Either in Vancouver or Ottawa). Please tell when you have been to interview, when 221g was given and when decision taken...either approved or rejected. It will be very helpful for the people like me waiting on the decision.

My interview :::: Feb 10th

221g:::::::::::::::::Feb 13th

Docs submitted::: Feb 16h

Status :::::::::::::Still waiting in vancouver for decision.

Please use this post to reply for only people who got 221g......I really appreciate the details.

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For 221g, in the best case scenario it may take at least 4 weeks if not more to get an outcome. Expenses for 4/5 weeks in CAN can be very high. If you want to go you should leave after your first week and return with your passport later when they approve.

There is no point waiting for 2-3weeks and spend most of your money and then leave. So bottom line is either leave after your first week, or just wait for 4-5weeks and finish it off and be back to US. Problem really is that you don't know how long its going to take to clear.

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Sometimes depending upon the generosity of the VO they ask if you are going to be around till the case is resolved, if you say yes then retain your passport, if you say 'you might need to travel' they usually let you keep your passport and email you to submit it once you visa is approved. It's generally that way - coz being in a country on visitor status without your passport is risky anyways.

If you think they are taking a long time, you can email them that you need to travel and they should let you collect it. You can mention a note that you will return and resubmit your passport on approval.

I remember reading a case where the VO mentioned that they wanted to retain the passport - but as it could take more than a week it's better that one hang on to it till approved, and that they will arrange to get it collected.....its your call really- either you can wait it out or ask them by email....best of luck

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Email to consulate where you have attended your visa requesting for passport. Though they give you passport, process runs behind. Once your visa is approved you will be mailed or called to get the visa stamp done.

May be you already know this, but you cannot enter back to US until it is done, all you can do is take it and go to India or some other place

If it is in Vancouver, i really suggest to wait as it is not taking more than 2-3 weeks.

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I went for interview on the 27th of Feb and was given a 221g 221g white slip requesting for more documents with the passport alone been returned. They retained all of my other docs. My client sent the docs the same day, but there is no updates from the consulate yet.

Has anyone been in this situation? How long does it take before they call you back with the passport and the 221g? You can contact me at tvn79@rediffmail.com to discuss further.

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did they ask you to bring in the passport after the gave you a 221g? did you communicate with the embassy when you were waiting for the second round of interview? was ottawa the place which was mentioned in section 4 of your 129 petition?


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