I485 - Birth certificate related Question on Name


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I got my passport after marriage and hence have my spouse's name included in passport. For birth certificate, I had enquired the municipality and they have my BC and do not have my name in it and have told that they will include my name and give me. My name in school records have my initial only.

In what name should I get my birth certificate?

Passport name : ss mm (last name is spouse's name)

Maiden name : R.ss (all school records have my initial only)

1. Should I get BC with initial expanded or should I get BC with both names?

like ss.Ramachandran also known as R.ss? Please specify a format for this.

2. Should my passport name (ss.mm) be also included in BC? I don't think this is correct, but please let me know.

Thank you so much for your advise.


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