EAD Renewal-Visa and I-94 expiry


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Hi Murthy,

I am on L2 EAD and currently working.My husband's L1B Visa and my L2 visa have already expired in May 2011.Our I-94 and my EAD is valid till June 2012.My husband's employer will file for our Petition and I-94 extension in May 2012.However they will not apply for my EAD.Hence, by the time the petition is approved and the new I-94 comes, my EAD would already have expired and it would take around 90 days for the new EAD to arrive if I apply once I receive the new I-94.

So the query is that, is there a way to continue my employment in this interim period when my EAD is expired but I am still waiting for the Petition approval and I-94 extension ?

Also, I wanted to know if it is legal to work after the EAD has expired and If one has already applied for EAD renewal (and yet to receive a response from USCIS).



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