Old employer not giving VOE for I-140


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I have worked for a desi company 'A' for six months, After I moved to Company'B'. Started GC thru company 'B'.

Current Employer askign me to get a VOE letter from company 'A', and they are denying to give. Even I don't know any other consultants who works for comapny 'A'.

Pls suggest me any alternate of the VOE letter.

Form employer A I have below documents

1. H1 documents & Letters for PA

2. Paystubs

3. Time sheets


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Adding one more point.

--> At company 'A' I have worked for 5 months & 15 days.

Is it fine if I don't keep VOE for company 'A' as teh employment is with short period.

Total I have 12 years of exp. I got past 7 years VOE letter. But this company 'A' is immediate old employer.

Really apreciate your suggestion

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