Ottawa - Appointment on Feb 13th. Accomodation


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Anybody interested in sharing the hotel/motel in Ottawa close to Embassy. All the rates are $125 or more. If anyone is interested let me know. I have an appointment on Feb 13th but arriving on Feb 10th. I am about to reserve it from February 10th to Feb 17th. One week since we dont know whats going to happen. I am Ok to share partial duration of the stay.

Please contact reddy.svr1@g*****.com

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I have made a reservation at

Days Inn Downtown Ottawa

319 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N5Y4 CAN

Check in:

Friday, 10-Feb-2012

Check out:

Wednesday, 15-Feb-2012

My Appointment is on February 13th. I would extend based on the outcome of the interview. If any one is interested in joining on any days please let me know. I am also planning to rent the car from Airport. The Hotel is 1.1 KM walk from embassy. Drive/Cab/Walk is feasible.

Please email me at



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