Successful H1 stamping (Renewal) at Mumbai Consulate


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Date: Jan 6, 2012

Location: Mumbai BKC

Background: Direct employee of company with 2500 global employees.

Type: H1B

State: Renewal. I had my H1B stamped for my previous employer and it had expired so I was getting visa stamped for current employer

VO: Hello (seemed to be in a good mood. Gave a good smile)

I: Hello

VO: What does company XYZ (current) do

I: Blah Blah Blah

VO: What is your salary?

I: Blah Blah

VO: So what did your previous employer do? .. Staring at my previous visa which was then expired.

I: Blah Blah Blah

VO: What is your salary (repeat question with a smile)

I: Blah Blah (same answer but smiled back)

VO: <Putting the Canceling stamp on previous visa>. Your visa is approved. Your should get it by courier in the next 5 business days.

As you can see, he just asked me questions for the sake of it. In most cases, H1B renewals go smoothly unless you are caught in the 221g boat, which is rare.

Just from my observation while waiting to be called I could hear the responses of candidates ahead of me from the window. if you have a decent salary, stamping should not be a problem. I noticed that they were asking a lot of questions if you were in the <$50,000 salary range, esp with Consulting companies. But most people I saw were getting their visa.

New facility at BKC is awesome. Spacious, organized, quiet and gives you an overall positive feeling when you are there. I did not see any stressed or worries faces- you know, the ones you see after visa is rejected.

Note:Keep a wary eye on your token number. The numbers are not always called sequentially. My number was not even on the "Next 10 numbers to be called" list but it came up suddenly.

Also it is advised not to chit chat with your friends if you are with someone. Just be quiet and confident and stay focused.

Just smile and be confident.

it doesn't hurt to rehearse answers to some of the obvious questions.

Good luck all.

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