PERM Audit with Apr 2011 PD.


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Hi All,

My PD is 06 Apr 2011 and my employer is saying that they have not heard back regarding my application other than it is in progress (after responding to audit). iCert website says they are processing June Audit cases.

Does anyone know if the delay in response is genuine from DOL or am I being played by my employer? If response is genuine then why is DOL processing newer applications and leaving mine out?

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My PD is in Oct'11 and the attorney told me that it might take more that 1 year for them to adjudicate the case after an audit (in my case too). Spoke to one of my friends who had an audit. His was through in a matter for 3 - 4 months after replying to the audit. I am leaning towards the fact that it all depends on the kind of reason for audit....

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