I-94 Number on Passport not matching with I-94 Number on H1B Extension (3 Years)


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Hello Gurus,

This is my first post in this forum. I hope my question will be answered and I thank in advance.

I (H1B) and my wife (H4) entered US on 05-Nov-2009 and I-94's given until 09/20/2011 as per my earlier first H1B. (No issues here)

I and my wife applied for H1B and H4 extensions in July 2011 and both got the extensions for three years each starting 09/21/2011 (next day after the expiration date on the I-94's given at POE) to 09/20/2014.

However, my wife's new I-94 (on the extended H4 I-797) MATCHES to that of the old I-94 one given at POE on 05-Nov-2009. But, problem is with my new I-94 (on the extented H1B I-797) DOES NOT match witht he old I-94 given at the POE on 05-Nov-2009.



All numbers are same except one number as shown above. I think this is a typo. What should I do to fix this? I am expecting my PD to be current in the March VB. Does this create any issues?

I read in some forums, some say need not worry that it's not mandatory that old and new I-94's should match as in my case and some say I should have this fixed by the near CBP location.

I am very confused and worried. Please advice me.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi All,

An Update:

I talked to my company attorney and she says this is odd and she will get in touch with USCIS to fix the I-94 number. Even she thinks it's a typo and should be corrected. She says it might take anywhere around 1-2 Months to have them fix this.

I read that we can approach the local CBP office and explain them and have them fix the I-94 since it's their mistake.

I am worried if this can cause any issues during the I-485 filing.

Any iputs are appreciated guyz.


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Thank you very much for the responses dinesh_hyd and Chitown01. That cetainly helped.


I called USCIS and talked to a representative, she confirmed that the numbers on OLD and NEW I-94's MUST infact match. She said that me or my attorney can initiate the request for USCIS to fix this. I prefer my attorney to handle this instead of myself. I already told my attorney and she said she will take care of this.

Dinesh_Hyd is right, they said the same thing, the will correct the error and send the amended/corrected H1B I-797 to my attorney in 7-10 days.

Hope this helps anyone who is in the same situation as I am.

Thanks Guyz.

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