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I have an Australian PR and will have to travel there to validate the same this year. I was wondering if I could get my H1 B visa stamped from there even though I have never lived in Australia and this would be my first visit. I received my PR just this year.

If anyone was in similar situation please share your experiances with the documents to carry.

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@giri26, could you please share your experience if you have already traveled to Australia for validating your PR and appeared for h1b stamping in Australia? 


I did go and validate my PR but did not go to stamping there as I did not receive much information on the same. I stamped my Visa in Mexico instead and later traveled to Australia to validate my PR.

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Hey I am in similar situation and need to visit Aus this year to validate PR...If anyone already done it please reply...

Cuser2011 and userdsk,


Did you guys go to Aus and stamp H1B there? I need to do it within next 3 months. And I'd rather stay in AUs job-hunting than go to India and spend 3 weeks.

Let me know your experiences please.


Anyone else, who has the same experience, please respond. Help a fellow new Australian permanent Resident :-)

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