Driving to Ottawa: Suggestions required.


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Since you will be carrying all documents necessary for visa stamping... you will need the same at the point of Entry (if driving).

Just show them your passport, I-797, Visa appointment letter etc... and you should get through easily.

I did not face any issues. The guy at the check post drive through just asks you few normal questions like purpose of visit etc and asks you to go the Office(just further down the road) and see a visa officer. Visa officer asks you similar questions, takes your documents to verify and gives your passport back with stamping and other documents as well.

Should be easy.

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Port of entry thru road is easier than anything. Nothig to worry about.

At first near the gate they will ask a bunch of questions . Main thing is you need to tell them that you are on visit visa , show your passport and the purpose would be stamping.

Then they will ask you to go inside and see the officer. The officer will collect your stamping date confirmation email and I 797 and PP. He will do some checks and then stamp on your pp. Then u make sure you got all your docs back and leave .

It is simple, just be cool all the times.

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