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My details:

H1B - EC Model

Interview Date: Feb 2nd 2012

Returned original I-797. Kept back copy of all documents submitted at the time of petition, copy of client letter.

At the end of interview, VO said he will forward affidavit I signed and client letter copy to USCIS and USCIS will make the final decision.

In response for an email query on March 5th consulate informed (through VFS) that case is pending under 221g and the following text was provided in the email response "In this instance, post is attempting to independently verify certain information presented by you at the time of your interview."

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I went for my visa interview on March 5th to hyderabad consulate, interview was for 30 mins and the VO was very rude in the process and took my passport along with my documents and gave me a 221g white form which did not demand for any additional documents.

In my scenario, I have had a pre-trial Intervention previously in Dec 2008 and the case was dismissed the VO took the dismissal letter from me too.

After the interview, in exactly 1 week fraud department had contacted my client for details about my employment and within 2 weeks i.e. end of March my client has responded back to the same. My concern is :

1. What are the chances of me getting a rejection?

2. Can I request my passport back, as my spouse is on h1b and apply for a h4 visa as dependant?

Please advice, as it is getting very frustrating not knowing what should be done next. Looking forward for advices and suggestions.

Note: All my documents along with PP have been retained by the VO.


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