how to find time period left in H1 to start Green card


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Got my H1 visa first stamped from Jan 2006 - mar 2008.Stayed in USA from April 2006 to June 2008. Then, went back to India and stayed in India for almost 1.5years. Then got my next stamping for same H1 from Jan 2010 - Nov 2010. Now, my H1 is extended till Jun,2013.

When to start my Green card process? How much timeperiod required in my H1 until my I140 is approved.

There is no petition break during my stay in India.Still having the same H1 for the same employer.

Please let me know whether my stay period in India will be considered as additional timeperiod when I start GC process. When is it safe to start my GC? I have 5+ years of experience.

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Start your greencard asap. No point prolonging it.

Ideally one should start their labor clearance atleast 1 year before your H1B expires, because it takes time. Also, the time period you were in India can be added to your H1 ending in June you should be able to stay here 1.5 yr you were in India. Calculate the no of days you stayed in india and contact your lawyer.

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