Issue with Address In 485 Green card Process

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Hello Friends,

I have some confusion regarding G-325A Form for 485 submission process in green card.

I have to fill out below field in G-325A form.

“Applicant's last address outside the United states of more than 1 year”.

During the I-140 process my employer asked same above address question so I have given my native home address which is “Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India”. But actually before I came to USA I was working in Bangalore for 2 years. my Bangalore address was “5 Hosur road, Bangalore”. Now what address I have to give in G-325A form in 485 process?

Should I go with my home address which I already mention in I-140 process?


Should I go with Bangalore address which is I actually lived before I came to USA.

Please advice me for this question. Also if I Put whenever above address in G-325A Form, Will it create any query in I-485 process regarding this addresses?




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Actually I left Bangalore on Dec-09-2007, afterthat I lived with my family in Gujarat for 2 month before i came to USA. and fly to USA on Feb-09-2007. thats why I put my Gujarat Address in it as my last address, but the problem is with actual question which is "Applicant's last address outside the United states of more than 1 year”, i am confuge regarding the 1 year Constrain. Please advice me for the same.

"Can i continue with Gujarat Address or put Bangalore address in it?

Thanks you sir.

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