URGENT:h1b transfer in prog: client fired [new emp 2]: what to do? Plz HELP


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Disaster Situation: Urgent help required

I left my desi employer 1 [evc] model and old client & joined new employer 2 [american consulting firm],and new client, so its

EC model now. My visa is currently in transfer stage [regular processing]. Current employer does not send any client letter

while filing fo a h1 transfer: reason they gave is if only they get an RFE, they send the client letter

Situation is:

I am stuck ina wrong job role [extremely technical & complex], the requirement given to me was not so descriptive

and because of my good communication skills etc, i got selected. It's very likely i WILL BE FIRED soon from this client

I know i should try hard etc to do this job but it's only to a limit certain things can be done & this is out of

my league.


1. Since my h1b is currently in transfer right now & its regular, it will take atleast 2.5 months before it gets approved

Also, if RFE comes, this may even take 3-4 months to get an approval.

So, this means right now i should pay 1200$ and get PP done in order to get it approved in 15 days or worst 30 days

if RFE comes. Also, the employer pays weekly, so i will have 2-3 paychecks from this new employer 2.

2. Worst case: if i get fired in next week, what are my options ? Will i be able to transfer my visa to another employer?

[meaning the employer 3]? because american employer will probably ask to take back my papers or something.

What are my options, please advise. I am in a very horrible situation and also i need to GET STAMPED :(

3. Also, is there a possibility to go back to old employer 1?

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