Visa appointment on March 8th at Vancouver


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samvaidy.. filling out ds forms has nothing to do with appointment..i wasted a lot of time on that...filling out ds forms n booking appointment dates are 2 different things.. to book the date all you need to have is the application code..for the ds forms.(this code usually shows up when u start filling out the ds forms.) ..for filling the date all u need to have is that application code your receipt date and notice date of appoval( i might have messed up the acronyms..i will have to check on that..but im sure u know what im referring to ) and ur credit card information when you open the home page...navigate tothe top right hand corner and u will see something on that and follow the instructions...its pretty simple...

Shoot me an email to wings000 at google extension.if u have any of now the dates available date is march22nd..i didnt know this thing and i wasted time...hope this helps..good luck

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