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Hi All,

I have some general questions about the AOS process. Your responses will help.

1. If my wife (who is currently on H4 dependent Visa) travels to India with a AP/EAD card and enters the US on AP will my status automatically change from H1 to EAD?

2. Can I use my wife’s EAD to get her a SSN number? (She does not have one as she is on dependent visa)

3. Can I use my EAD to get a driver's license renewal? if so will it void my H1 status? Same for my wife. In other words will the use of EAD for any purpose void our H1/H4 status?

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EAD does not "void" your H1. Your H1 approval remains valid until the employer revokes it. The only use of EAD that puts you out of status on H1 is using it for work, i.e. other than your employer. Even if you try to use EAD to work for your H1 employer, you will most likely be considered in status.

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