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am working in Houston and wife is working in Austin. my PD is current now and am preparing to file i485.

Question is while filing i485 itself, can i give Austin address and change my work location to Austin instead of Houston?

my company has branch in houston and austin and my manager is okay for me to relocate. i was not able to relocate during the labor processing or i140 processing times.

can something be done while filing i485?


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You are being sponsored to work in a certain location - which I can't tell because it is your case and you didi not provide that info. This means that at the time of I-485 filing you must intend to work after approval at the location you are being sponsored for. Your address is not a big deal as you can always say that you plan to go to your sponsored location after approval. Also, after 180 days of I-485 pending (if you get there), you may change your intended location under AC21.

Talk to a lawyer.

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