F-1 to H-1 possible in Canada or Mexico


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Hello folks,

I came to US from Canada on F-1 visa about 5 years back. I have been working on my H-1 for more than 2 years now but my passport isn't stamped. I need to go to India. Has anyone who came to US on F-1 ever gotten their visa stamped in another country like Mexico or Canada? Someone told me today that anyone who comes on F-1 has to go back to their home country to get their passport stamped with visa.

I am working as a consultant with at&t. Basically my consulting company has deployed me at at&t.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing the information. However, what i am unable to understand is why is it i can go to 1 country and not to the other. As i said thanks for your inputs, appreciate it.

Because Mexico will not allow change of VISA stamping (f1 to H1b), it will allow only h1b-h1b , so only renewals.

Canada accepts change of visa stamping (f1 to h1b) provided in their website they clearly mention that US Embassy in canada can reject visa if the candidate does not any US/Canadian education.

Only thing you need to be prepared is that if your visa is delayed you need to stay in canada for more days, if rejected you cannot come back to US(its same even in India)

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