Successful H1B stamping in Vanocuver,Canada on Jan 17th


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Hello Guys

My H1B got approved. I want to share my expereince, mine is EVC model


Me : Hello hru?

VO: I am fine how abt u....

Vo: Have you applied for this visa before?

Me: this is my first time

VO: Who do you work for?

Me: Company Name XXX

VO:what is your title?


VO:How long have you been working with this company

Me: 2yrs

VO: where is you company located?

Me: SantaCLara CA

VO: does your company pay you between assignments?

Me: yes

VO:How often you interact with your company?


VO:do you work at your company's lacoation?

ME: I work at one of thier client's location Seattle..

VO:Congrats your visa is approved!!

Me: Thank you very much.

All the best guys!!!

Interview was pretty cool hardly took 1-2 mins . Be confident and you will get it!!!

Feel free to post your questions here!!!! Best of luck



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