H4 Visa - Name Change


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My wife came to USA couple of years back for the first time and her name in the passport that time was: Sur Name: <BLANK> Given Name: ABC

When she went for visa stamping, the embassy asked to keep the given name as Last name and first name as FNU (first name unknown) So, her stamping says it as: FNU ABC

Her H4 extension recently aslo had the same naming as : ABC,FNU

Now, she went to India and got her new passport with proper last name added(sur name in passport), so now it is: Sur Name: XYZ Given Name: ABC

and with her old passport cancelled(stamping still valid till Oct 2012), will she have any problem travelling to USA at the port of entry ?

She does have with her: Approved I-797 original, marriage certificate original

both new and old passports

Pls reply with any documents needed or any issues ? she will be leaving in couple of weeks.

Thanks in advance !!

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