wrong priority date on receipt (AOS)


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Hi friends and Attorney

its little urgent, Please help us ASAP

Our priority date was april 2008 and our dates got current in December and we filed our I 1485 on 3rd january. USICS received it on 5th Jan 2012. Yesterday we got the receipt but onn the receipt they mentioned the Priority date 5th JAN 2010 which is the received date.. Now what should we do? Is it ok? or it will going to be a problem?

Attorney and friends Please help

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its on both of ours receipt( me and my husband)

we called to our lawyer and she said there is nothing to worry about its very common..

what should I do? anybody else having the same problem?


Me and my wife are in the same boat. I have advised my lawyer and he is contacting USCIS. Several cases from my firm have the same issue.

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my case too... my case was received to uscis on march 5

Both me and my wife 485 had priority date same as receipt date....

when i called uscis they are saying dont worry about that .... that was the answer i got from customer care

can some one sugguest me ...



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