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My sister attended H4 Visa at Chennai consulate on 10-JAN-2012.

Her husband is employed here on H1B.

Interview questions are as follows:

VO: How long you have been married?

Ans: Answered number of years

VO: Where is he working?

Ans: XYZ company

VO: Client name?

Ans: XYZ client

VO: Can I see the payslips?

Ans: Shown the same (of past 6 months).

VO checked something and said that we need additional documents and have given 221g blue form.

She has been given 221g Blue slip asking to drop the following additional documents at VFS service center:

1) Last 12 months payslips(though she have shown past 6 months payslips).

2) 2011 complete employment details with address and contact details.

My questions here are:

1) Why is that they are asking for 12 months payslips?

2) How many weeks it will take to complete the process once we drop the required docs?

3) What is the probability of getting visa stamped once we submit all the required documents?

4) Any one on the same boat, please respond.

FYI: My sister attended H4 visa 2 times in the past. She got her Visa without any issues. This is the third time. I mean to say their records are also good.

Any one who is facing the same problem or faced the same problem and got the visa, please respond.

Thank you,

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