Using I140 and EAD for work


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Company A filed for my I 140 and 485 based on subsituteed labor. and my I 140 got approved (existing approved labour was substitued for me) and I received EAD in 2007 which I have been renewing since 2007 but never used it for work and I 485 is pending since 2007. However I never worked for company A as that company has gone out of business since then.

In 2007 I joined company B using my H1. Company B filed for my PERM which got approved but the I140 was rejected and it is in reappeal. After expiry of 6 years of H! my current employer company B used my prior approved I140 to extend my H!.

Now I want to work for another company C which can not transfer my H1 but is asking me to use EAD to work with them.

Question is whether it is safe to use approved substituted labour I140 and EAD where I have never worked with the I140 applying company A and give up the H1 status. Or is it best to keep on working on H1 till the pending I 485 is approved.

Thanks for your advice.


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