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Hi, I am on L1B visa and work on company projects in the US I am on India payrolls and get per diem here. My project 1 ended and there is a gap of 3 weeks to start my project 2. My company first said to go back to India for holiday for that time period. I am with my spouse and kid. Company pays for my and spouse's ticket and I am responsible for paying my kids ticket. So to avoid that cost, I asked my company, that I can stay here, by which company will also save cost of my and spouse's ticket and just keep paying me per diem. To which my company responded, that I will now stay here, but they will not pay me anything until my new projects starts.

I would like to know, if there is any immigration law, under which, my company has to pay me a salary or per diem if I am is US whether or not I have project. As by the end of the day, I am now in US on company's direction and not getting paid.

Please advise

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