Unmarried and filing of I-485


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At presently iam unmarried and my priority date of DEC-01-2009 became current in Feb-2012 Visa Bulletin.

Iam also confused and whether to go ahead and file I-485 application or not?...At presently iam planning to go india on this month 26th and get married!....At presently in my home my parents are in search of girl for me

Presently iam scared and worried that in next visa bulletin my PD may retrogress?....Following are my questions, can someone answer me?

If i go to india and getting married in first week of February, What are the key documents i have to make ready for my spouse!.

Can she attend medical examination in india and send those to attorney?

Whether she has to be physically present in USA to file I-485 application for her? or whether can send the papers to attorney with no delays?

whether she has to have H4 visa, then only she can file I-485?

It would be greatly appreciated for answering my questions.



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