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I work full time for a american company(A). We got acquired by another company(B) about 3 months ago. My Green Card process has been approved and they are ready to file starting with the Job Desc and advt process.

When I was working with the A, the job descrption was Bacherlors +5yrs or MS +2yrs as minimum requirement and I was eligible for EB2 with them. But after we were acquired by B, they releveled all the jobs in my company and after speaking with the HR, it seems like the min job requirement for my position has been reduced to BS+4yrs . Since the minimum required does not allow me to file under EB2, my Lawyers told me that they will be filling under EB3.

Is this possbile to reduce the minimum experiece required which is affecting me to be applying from EB2?

Any help is appreciated.

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