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I have recently joined a company after completion of my M.S. in Computer Science (from U.S.). Currently I am working on OPT but my company is willing to sponsor my H1B. My employer wants to know the process required to sponsor an employee as this is a start up company (at about 70 employees in the office). My company was a part of Medimedia USA (Large company and has lots of H1B employee) but last year they formed their own company named Managed Markets Insight and Technology. I work as a Software Engineer, mainly working on .NET and Oracle. My employer asked me to consult with an immigration lawyer regarding the process.

I want to know is there any risk involved in this process? How should I contact any lawyer and how likely my application will be accepted. This company is related to health care businesses.

Any help regarding this issue will be very much appreciated and I will be looking for your answers.

Thank you,

S Dutta

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There are certain level of risk involved with any process/application that you file as an immigrant (H1B, visa stamping, green card, labor clearance etc) . If all your documents are accurate and your employer or you haven't participated in any sort of unwanted activity ( activity that isn't justified) then things will go smoothly and risk is low. Your company can contact any immigration lawyer including murthy law firm and ask them to help them out with the process. However, the company needs to tell the lawyer that they want to sponsor you. The lawyers will ask you and the company (HR usually) for certain documents that are required by USCIS and will fill out the application form, The USCIS starts accepting application after 1 April, so make sure the lawyers send the application on time.. Of course your company will need to pay the lawyer fees and application fees which can be anywhere from $5000-$10000 (not sure!)

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