Role and Pay does not match with LCA.


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My employer filed H1B petition on my behalf for a programmer/analyst role

and f H1B was approved in OCT 2011.

Since there was no developer openings available at that time they asked me to join

as a tester with the same client. Now my details(pay and role ) are different on LCA.

I Dint know that company had not filed for a new LCA. It came to my notice when i was filing DS-160

to go to india and get visa stamping done.

what should i do in this case ?

how to get this rectified ?

can i still travel in this case ?

will this be considered as my mistake or mistake from company side ?

pls suggest how to get out of this problem.

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Generally, an amended H1B petition is required whenever there is a material change to the terms and conditions of the H1B employment/underlying H1B petition. Please schedule a consultation with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss the specific issues relating to your case and to determine whether an amended H1B petition must be filed before applying for an H1B visa.

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