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Hi All,

Thanks to Murthy Team and forum members for the arduous efforts for answering all questions.

I am in the following situation and need some help.

I worked for Company A and my H1 is valid till Feb 2013. I got an offer from Company B and I joined them with H1 transfer receipt (not approval notice) dated Oct 1 2011. I have been on B's payroll for 2 months now and don't have my H1 approval yet.

Currently I got an offer with another Company C and they would like to transfer asap.

1. Is this doable to transfer my H1 to C when B's transfer is pending. Can transfer H1 with B's pay stuff and transfer receipt?

2. What happens when B's approval comes ahead of C's or vice versa

3. What happens if B's revokes or cancels the petition when C's is approved

4. Can I hold H1 for both B and C and then move on to C

Both B and C will have visa's filed at different processing center.

Any help is much appreciated.

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As far as I know, you can apply for H1B with employer C but since you have already started working for company B based on the H1B receipt, the petition if filed by employer C will be processed only after the H1B with company is approved in other words, the approval status of the petition that would be filed by company C is based on whether the H1B with companyB will be approved or not and they will start processing it only after that.

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