First time F1 to H1 (London US consulate)


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Hello Friends,

I looked through the forum but was not able to find the information about first time H1 stamping in London from an F1 status. I apologize if someone has already answered this and would appreciate if you could point me to the right direction.


Nationality: Indian

Education: BS (India), MS(USA)

Work: Working with a startup since 2009 on OPT.

H1 Approval: Got approved in November.

My attorney advised me to avoid Indian Consulates. I have family in London,UK and as such I was planning to go there in Feb and get my H1 stamped.


a) I have heard both that the London consulate does/doesn't accept new H1 applications. Does anyone know of a case where they have accepted a new H1 from a non-residing, non-UK national.

b) Are other specific information pertaining to the consulate in London

Really appreciate your help



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