Successfull visa stamping on Dec 22nd Vancouver F1-H1 EVC


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I got my visa approved at Vancouver.

1.Do you have H1 before? No

2.Do you work in Georgia?

3.Do you work at end client?

4.Who is ur end client?

5.How long have you been working with them?

6.Did you study in US?

7.Which University?

8.Where is it located?

After this he started typing something and I was standing there for 2 to 3 min then he said please have a seat it will take a while. I need to verify. I was waiting... then he continued reading for almost 10 more minutes and then called me. He said your visa is approved. You will receive an email with DHL information.


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Hello @Kdv123, Congrats on you VISA

I need some information. I am also planning to Canada for my H1B VISA for 2nd time. I am working on EVC model.

My Existing VISA was expired more than a year ago.I heard from my friend that if existing was expired more than an year ago, then we are supposed to go Home land (India) for Stamping.

Does any one has any idea is this information is true?

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