485 Porting : Class of Admission. Belle/Joef/Gurus/Attorney please help!


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Hi Everyone,

I received my Green Card a few weeks back and until recently I didn't realize that my class of Admission (COA) is E37. E37 is EB3 and my application was ported from EB3 to EB2 in August.

The COA for EB2 is E22 or E23 I think.

Do you think having COA E37 on the approval notice and actually card is an issue. My lawyer said that USCIS approved and just put the wrong category. We should be okay with this.

Do I need to do something or its okay ? Please advise!!

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E3x is indeed EB3. E2x is EB2. E26-E29 is EB2-COS. E21-E25 is EB3-Consular Processing. I had E21 on my GC, EB2 primary applicant, CP.

The letter that comes with the GC asks you to check for errors. This is clearly an error, and you would have to get it corrected by filing an I-90. It should be free since it isn't your error.

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Thanks a lot Joef.

Can you believe this, I have an RFE after I have my card in hand. I spoke to customer service yesterday and they said, yes , its a genuine RFE.

I'm nervous now. I think when they tried to adjudicate my wife's 485 and they found that they have approved my 485 in the wrong category and now they want some documents.

i just got the RFE mail yesterday and now I dont think I'm sure that the green card I have is a valid GC or not. Bascially, I'm confused.

What do you think the RFE might be ? When I called USCIS yesterday, one of the question they asked me was..are you EB3 or EB2. So, I suspect its something to do with that.

Please, can you think of a reason of a RFE. Also, what would be my status now.

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