Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage certificate for H4 stamping


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I and my fiance Declared and Registered Informal Marriage with county clerk in texas. We registered in Aug 2007 using a declaration date of the actual date we decided to get married of Apr 2005 though I had lived with him for only 2 months (In Texas the relationship could have begin anywhere it doesn't matter but you should have lived together as husband & wife for atleast 1 day in Texas to have valid common law declaration.)

At that time I was on F1 and My husband on L1 so I changed my status from F1 to L2 and continued to live with him.

After two years we left the country before expiry of our visas. We have never been out of status or overstayed so legally don't have any issues.

Once back to India we started to arrange our religious wedding ceremony. In presence of family and friends in 2010 we got married and had to register our wedding locally.

Now my husband's company has processed his H1b and we soon have to appear for H1b and H4 visa stamping PA respectively.

Every possible document for h1b primary applicant is present no doubts on that.

For H4 stamping is the following enough to prove our marriage?

1)Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage certificate from 2007

2)Ceremonial wedding pictures of 2010

3)Ceremonial wedding invitation of both sides

Do I need India registration as well or should the above be suffice.Do we need to take copies of jointly filed tax returns for years we lived in US?

Asked of our wedding date what do I tell the US visa consular the date we registered in US or date used for informal declaration or Indian ceremonial wedding? Any idea if Declaration and Registration of Informal Marriage certificate of US is valid in India for future civil use?

I will also be taking along approval notice of non-immigrant status change or extension - my F1 to L2, my L2 details card, my Univ transcripts for the sessions I attended and W2 forms from my university as employer for my part-time on campus job while I was on F1. After that I have never worked part-time or full-time since 2007.

Will there be any issues? Is there anything else needed from my side?

Thanks for all your time in advance!

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