L1-B will be expire in JAN 2012, but got 1-94 till Nov 2014


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Currently I am working on L1-B visa, will be expiry on 06JAN2012. I got stamped on 8JAN2009 but I had landed in USA on 04NOV2011, At POE they had given I-94 till NOV 2014.

1. Can I stay in USA on I-94 without applying L1B Extn.

2. Applying L1B visa extn is valid when I-94 is live

3. What is the procedure to apply L1-B extn when I-94 is live

Please provide your suggestion as soon as possible

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Thanks Attorney for your response.

Let me spell out specifics of my case and I would really appreciate all your help in this regard.

My organization had filed a blanket L1 B petition for myself in Jan 2009 and based on the approved blanket L1 B petition I got my visas stamped until Jan 2012.

The PED date on stamped visa was mentioned as 18 Jan 2012. And validity on the blanket petition was stated as "valid indefinitely".

Now I travelled back to India in the month of Nov 2011 for a vacation and re-entered US on Dec 2011. On re-entering my organization had asked me to present a letter to the officer at port of entry in which it was requested to extend my validity for another 3 years. The officer read that and he asked me feq\w questions and then granted me and my family a valid I-94 until Dec 2014.

Now I have a valid I-94 until Dec 2014 and following are my questions,

1)Does my organization still need to file my L1 B petition extension?

2)Am I authorized to work for another 2 years in US without any issues on the same petition consideiring I got a valid I-94 until Dec 2014 and one can work only 5 years on L1 B?

Thanks for all your help!!

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