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My First H1-B ext got denied for the reason the PO being expired .

I have a new PO now as the Project got extended . My h1b is already expired ..

1Q) What would be the better approach in this scenario 1) MTRO (motion to reopen) 2) Motion to Re appeal 3) Filing a new h1b petition by adding a new employer as a layer and resubmitting all the docs including the new PO.

2Q) Keeping in my mind as I am out of status which Option would work the best for me ? MTR0 Or MTRA? How long does it take to get a repsonse on MTRO & MTRA?

3Q) As I am out of status ,will My new h1 b petition will stil be legitimate ?

A-- Is my Employer

B-- Company which hired me.

C-- is the end client.

Please reply ASAP , I m in need of desperate help.

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